Distributing money

Max Gunther 7 years ago updated by Quentin (Owner) 7 years ago 0
We are distributing from a show that we did even though the band loot is still in the hole. When I do this though it screws all of the accounting up. So we are distributing $75 to two band members but not the other two. It should show those two band members as owing another $75 each back to the band loot account but it does not. Can you help?
Hi Max,

Have you selected the 2 band members that should receive the money using the "pie" icon in the new transaction bar? 

Notice also that if the member accounts were not at 0 (if the band members owed money the band's pool or to other members), then BandLoot is adjusting the owed amount automatically. 

For example, if band member owed 30 to the loot, then the amount that is owed to him after your last show will be 45, not 75.