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Simon Deeth 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 7

One of our bandmembers cannot login. The direct access doesn't work. Only goes as far as login screen with no values prefilled. the long password doesn't work. Have tried re-sending invite. Have tried de-activating and re-activating account. What are we doing wrong. The other guys activated no problem.

Hi Simon,

Please inform us of the username of the band member that has login issues.


Hi Stefan, user with problem is <email hidden>. Regards Simon.

He should have received an email around the 19th of April with a link to confirm the email address as well as a password. Try to find it in the inbox or maybe in the spam folder.

Please respond here on your progress.


Hi Stefan, 

Either his spam filter or his itchy fingers have binned that email. Can you re-send it?

On another issue I set up another band member on a redundant email (<email hidden>) so I set up a new member on his gmail account. Can the old member be deleted? 



An email has been sent to with login information.

An email has been sent to with login information.

I'm not sure I understand. Would you like to have the band member ali********@hotmail.com removed?

Hi Stefan, I idn't realise there was a message in UserEcho. The email notification got routed to my spam. Yes, we would like member ali*****@hotmail.com removed. He has switched to a gmail account. I didn't realise at the time that he could have logged on via hotmail and changed it. We set up a new member instead. I don't think any transactions have been assigned with the hotmail id.

Great product by the way. We are recomending it to all our musician friends here in Tasmania.

We sorted out Steve's login. many thanks for the assistance.